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  • The author of this website and of the E-Book is not responsible and cannot be held responsible for anything that can arise out of you reading this website and the E-Book, applying any techniques/methods or the guidance, living by it and/or spreading the word to others.
  • This website and the E-Book do NOT guarantee a cure to OCD. There is no guarantee that what is described in the E-Book will work for everybody or anybody. Everybody is different and has different healing abilities. This e-book does not constitute a magic cure for OCD or Anxiety, nor anything else, as no book can cure anybody. Rather, this e-book provides guidance on how YOU can start improving or even eliminating OCD and/or Anxiety. It solely depends on YOU and your ability to heal yourself whether it works or not. The term "Cure OCD" is chosen to stimulate positive thinking in you. If you strongly believe that you can cure OCD and Anxiety by yourself, then you may be a lot closer to your goal than if you believe the opposite. Therefore do not let any OCD or anxiety experts bring you down or convince you when they say that there was no cure for OCD or Anxiety. For all issues, the healing power lies solely within you. You are only using books, herbs, rest, tea, water, etc. as guidance and help to stimulate, improve and increase the healing power within you. Remember: There are no magic cures for anything. Only YOU and YOUR BODY/MIND can cure your issues and that alone can seem magical. If you know how to do it all by yourself, then that's great, but if not, there is helping guidance, such as in this e-book, on how to help you body/mind.
  • You are required to take complete responsibility for your own emotional and/or physical well being at all times. You are also required to instruct others whom you help with this information to take complete responsibility for their emotional and/or physical well being at all times.
  • If you are a psychiatrist, clinical social worker, psychologist, psychotherapist, etc. please click here for a special notice for you.
  • Nothing on this website and in the E-Book is constituted to be medical or psychiatric advice as known by conventional, corporate medicine standards and know by the organizations such as the FDA, WHO, etc.
  • Return policy for the e-book: All sales are final! The e-book cannot be returned! There is no money-back guarantee. No refunds will be given, because this is a self-help book.
  • Your PRIVACY is very important! We will absolutely NOT sell/share your information with anyone!
  • By browsing the website and/or buying the e-book, you automatically agree to this legal notice.

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