I started having contamination and checking OCD tendencies in 2003. I didn't figure that I could have something they called OCD until one year later. Before that time, it didn't really bother me. As it started to affect other people (in their mind, as I believe - it always takes 2 to tango) in mid 2004, especially my ex-girlfriend, I started researching and came to the conclusion that I have OCD tendencies. So probably if nobody was bothered by my OCD tendencies, I would have not bothered doing all this research and who knows, the OCD would have not really developed.

In Summer of 2004 my OCD symptoms started increasing. In Fall of 2004, upon urging from my ex-girlfriend, I went to see a therapist. By that time I knew what the traditional therapy (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, aka. CBT, and Meds) was and I didn't like it. Nevertheless, the therapist gave me good hope, so I tried CBT and St. John's Wort (hypericum). I think I gave up on St. John's quite quickly, after six weeks. I didn't see any improvement, but also it wasn't getting worse, although I did experience some general discomfort. Even though St. John's Wort didn't seem to help with the OCD symptoms (and today we know it is not for OCD), it may have prevented a depression, because despite the situation, I was joyful and definitely not depressed. Then I finally considered meds (what in the world was I thinking?). I took Zoloft, 50mg, which was the lowest dose. Already at that dose, my anxiety increased, as well as my obsessions. I had palpitations and anxiety attacks (something I never experienced before!), and other minor side effects. So I weaned Zoloft slowly off, stopped it and never touched a med after that (and this abstinence from meds is paying off now - I haven't been sick in years and I feel very fit and sleep well). Zoloft was probably the wrong medicine for OCD anyway.

In the meantime CBT seemed to also increase my anxiety, especially the exposure part of it, while the cognitive part was helping a little. I actually saw 2 therapists, yet both did not help with the CBT as they did not have me start slowly in baby steps. Now we know that taking a cold plunge into the water will not help OCD, but make it worse, something I did not know at that time. So I stopped the exposure part and did a little more cognitive therapy only to a point where I knew pretty much everything about contamination. At the end of 2004, I stopped CBT, because things were getting worse.

I was already on a spiritual path for quite some time and I started realizing more and more that spirituality and the universal law is the solution to OCD, anxiety, emotional distress and other ailments. So I did a lot of research and meditation, and before too long, my e-book "5 Milestones to a Cure to OCD" was written.

Everything makes so much sense to me now. If you listen to your intuition, your soul, your higher self (or whatever you call it), this book will make a lot of sense for you too, and you should be able to improve your OCD, anxiety, emotional distress and other ailments and aspects of your life. The time that will take solely depends on you. Everyone is different and has different abilities to heal themselves. So please don't expect a fast cure or improvement. Be patient and follow the guidance in this e-book.

Since I started writing this e-book and implementing the "Milestones" for myself, my symptoms have decreased by about 50%. I still have issues to work on, but I am confident that some time soon, the remaining issues will solve themselves also.

At this point, I don't consider having OCD and if I think back on it, never had. Rather I have a heightened reaction to my surroundings. I have issues, nothing more. Almost everyone has issues, and everyone needs to work on their issues. So one very important aspect for your healing process is:

Do not see yourself as sick or having a disorder. This way, you only manifest that same thing, your sickness/disorder. See yourself as healthy and normal, but recognize that you have amplified behavioral issues that you need to address and fix so you can have an easier life.

My e-book will help and guide you in addressing these issues, in knowing how to enable your healing process and in allowing your body and mind to resolve these issues.

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