By entering the CureOCD support chat, I acknowledge the following rules and agree to abide by them:

  • Respect fellow chatters in all aspects.
  • Be kind and loving.
  • NO swearing/cursing or profanities.
  • NO yelling or arguing.
  • NO talk about suicide. If you are seriously considering suicide, please call 911 immediately or go to or . Also really bear in mind that suicide will NOT solve anything. Suicide is the absolute worst thing you can do for your OCD and for you. If you commit suicide, you will have to go through your entire OCD in your next lifetime, (whether you believe it or not). It's like dropping out of class or repeating a whole year of school. Currently you are most likely already half way through your OCD. It is by far easier to deal with 50% of OCD now instead of 100% OCD in your next lifetime.

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